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M Jan Rumi, Honorary Consul of Morocco in Hawaii

M Jan Rumi


Office of the Morocco Honorary Consul

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Morocco in Hawaii

Testimonial from Maeona Mendelson

As the Sister Cities International state coordinator for Hawai’i, I look forward to a long and productive partnership between the state of Hawai’i and the Kingdom of Morocco. We look forward to creating a lasting friendship based foremost on citizen diplomacy and professional, youth and citizen exchanges. From these exchanges we anticipate economic, cultural, social and educational projects of benefits to the people of both Morocco and Hawai’i.

My relationship with Morocco precedes my involvement with the Sister Cities program. In 2001 I stepped off the airplane in Casablanca to begin work on the advisory committee for the World Congresses of Youth. I have returned many times through the kind invitation of my new friends to seek ways to work together in building a bridge of aloha.


Maeona Mendelson

Hawaii State Coordinator


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